The Buck Full Moon: July 13

The Buck Full Moon is on July 13, 2022, so what does does it mean and how can you prepare?

The Buck Full Moon will occur on July 13th. According to the Farmer’s Almanac, July’s full Moon came to be known as the Buck Full Moon because after the annual shedding, the males begin to grow new antlers during this time.

It will also be one of the super moons for this year. While most people can’t detect the difference, most super moons are brighter than ordinary full moons. Unfortunately, the exact time of the Full Moon occurs during the afternoon, so you’ll best be able to view it later that evening after the sun sets.

For the East Coast, the Full Moon will be in the Sign of Capricorn in the 3rd house. The Moon deals with emotions and feelings. In the Earth Sign of Capricorn, the Moon which is in detriment and tends to worry about the appropriateness of its emotional responses and looks to express those emotions in an acceptable way. The 3rd house deals with communications both written and verbal.

The Full Moon will be opposed by the Sun in the Water sign of Cancer and is in the sign that is ruled by the Moon. By sign, the Cancer-Capricorn axis deals with a nurturing, protective attitude versus a practical, take-charge one.

These Full Moon energies are lessons on how to effectively communicate an idea without letting the situation become so emotionally charged that your message is lost. Work on the practical balance of meeting the other person where they are at and start from there. These energies will enhance the ability to communicate effectively through the “sea of emotions” that many relationships are experiencing now.

In dealing with family members, especially your children, provide a stabilizing influence and encourage everyone, yourself included, from making unrealistic demands. This will go a long way in promoting a more harmonious home life.

With the focus on effective communications, you may experience new opportunities to share ideas with others. Just be sensitive to how those closest to you may react to what you are saying.

For more depth of understanding, please watch the YouTube video below:

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