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OFFICIAL: 2021-22 Patreon Membership Kits Are Here!

Being a member of the PARA HOUSE TV & Mystic Manor Museum on Patreon affords some pretty killer perks.

With your support, we can continue our groundbreaking work with PARA HOUSE TV and open the Mystic Manor Museum, both of which are dedicated to the world of paranormal, weird, peculiar, and mystic!

PLUS, we've got one more special thing to send you: the 2021-2022 Official Membership Kit!

So now we're making it official. Heading to the mailboxes of our creepy cool members soon is the 2021-2022 Patreon Membership kit, full of goodies that will set you apart from boring people. With this, you will gain special access to our investigations, see museum and paranormal updates and FREE museum entry while you are an active member.

Included in the kit are:

- Official membership card which gains you FREE museum membership as long as you are an active member! - Official membership sticker [sturdy enough for any use!] - A special thank you card from Melisa Kennedy with info about the future. - And more surprises..

This kit is available only to members of the PARA HOUSE TV & Mystic Manor Museum in addition to all the other great perks that come with backing our ghoulish mission.

Keep those membership cards safe.. they're going to be very handy to getting you into the Mystic Manor real soon.

Thank you in advance for being a member with our Patreon page, and supporting our work. We've done incredible things together so far, and we're just getting this party started!

Stay mystical!



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