New Moon in Cancer

New beginnings. New Chapters. This is what we get today, June 28!

Whether that means planting new seeds (literally in our case as we are very much into organic, sustainable gardening; watch this ☞) or metaphorically as in starting a new project, the new moon is about new starts.

Another interesting point is the Cancerian energy of the new moon is telling us to slow down, breathe, and be soulful with your intentions, thoughts, and actions.

Show your zodiac pride with this Constellation Necklace from our friends at Tamed Wild.

If you like to do a tarot reading like we do on a new moon, here's some ideas and our favorite tarot decks.

  • Say the following affirmations during this New Moon:

I am one with the Great Mother.

My loving nature opens all doors to new beginnings.

I am sustained and nurtured by the Moon Goddess.

Get a tarot reading with a professional, or learn it on your own with these amazing products:

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