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melisa kennedy mistress of PARA HOUSE Ma

When you hear the name MELISA (not pronounced Melissa!) only one person comes to mind: The UFO Woman icon and now Mistress of PARA HOUSE. 

Back in early summer 2019, who could have imagined Melisa Kennedy aka "The UFO Woman" would go on to start UFOCon®, UFO Hunters of America, and later PARA HOUSE TV?  Unfortunately, this was just before the pandemic hit, and many projects fell to the wayside as a result.


BUT, Melisa is the first to start a national UFO conference, a nonprofit organization, a Magazine, a haunted museum and an online TV network by herself!  

With a coffin load of personal experiences and investigations under her belt, she has more to talk about than most out there doing paranormal stuff. 


Personal UFO encounters, violent spirit attacks, speaking with the dead, psychic visions, and more make Melisa a leading expert in the field.

She has bought a 1905 haunted house in Georgia.  Her new show, 'Haunted' has been described as "real unedited, non-Hollywood, no bull, and raw haunted objects."

Ms. Kennedy has carved out a niche in the paranormal culture that is sure to endure for decades to come.

For all talent and press inquiries, email us here.

Melisa Fills Need for a Haunted Object Show in Paranormal TV

In this era of "nothing new to watch," one unique feature at PARA HOUSE™ Productions that truly stands out: the no bullshit, non-Hollywood rawness of a personal haunted collection.  It just happens to be our owner's personal passion for over a decade to find and cherish this misunderstood relics.

With our YouTube channel, you get that little haunted fix -- for free!

Subscribe and stay tuned for new episodes on

SUNDAYS starting in April 2023 on YouTube.

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